I am writing this on January 1st ...  about to start another year of just about the best job I could ever have imagined, sharing great times with very very happy people ... nothing for a couple of months so watch this space and in the meantime go to the "past years" tab above to have a look at what happened last year, or the year before or the one before that all the way back to 2013 ... maybe I should say Toby's Weddings Est. 2013!?

Vicki & Matt Villa Catalina 31/3

And we started!!!!! Vicki and Matt, a great couple who I have been chatting with for what seems like ages. Matt was beautifully nervous before the wedding but I helped him along and think he was well laid back by the time Vicki made it down the aisle. We laughed about her diet, not to mention one of Matt's best men too! Vicki was stoic though she did mention she was sinking in to the lawn every now and then. I can't imagine a better way to start the year ... congrats to you both!

Amina & Meshaal Convent de Blanes 2/4

I have never done a wedding quite like this one. It was just the couple and me. Having said that it was the couple, me, wedding planners (Bodas de Cuento), videographers, photographers, musicians (x3) and caterers (Juvant), all in the glorious setting of the Convent de Blanes. So you get the idea, intimate but with style! The couple were glorious, very happy and moved by the whole thing. The weather was perfect and the evening seemed set to be a memorable one. 

Sally & Andy Casa Felix 7/4

April, the start of spring and anything can happen. It looked like Andy and Sally's wedding was going to be washed out but they had plan B in action ... then we want back to plan A and it was perfect. They laughed and Andy wore a strange rainbow that nobody quite understood. A great crowd, lots of fun and a huge amount of enjoyment of the wine box ceremony! All in all pretty much perfect!

Mila & Adam Gran Hotel la Florida Barcelona 27/4

What a great venue this is, overlooking Barcelona, next to Tibidabo. The couple, Ukraine meets USA. We had all sorts of extras from chuppas to glass breaking. Once again, a privilege to be part of it all. I think it was appreciated though left sharpish since the photos started sooner than usual. Perfectly organised by Rebecca at Barcelona Brides. Next up ... Morocco ... watch this space.

Nicole & Chris, Baldi Country Club Marrakech 12/5

I said to Nicole in a message I just sent that I would have to be careful about what I wrote about her wedding. You see I go to Sitges, or to the Costa Brava or anywhere in Catalunya and the weddings are fabulous. There is joy and celebration in the air and that is something that you can never get enough of. There is though something very special about going on an adventure yourself when you go to celebrate a wedding, and that doesn't often happen to me ... this time it did. I met Nicole and Chris at Alessandra and Darren's wedding last year in the Castell de Sant Marçal. It was another wonderful day and they were a great couple. They were at the wedding in Marrakech too, maid of honour no less (as was Nicole for Alessandra)! Well Nicole is a strong willed sort of person who wanted to marry in the beautifully chaotic city of Marrakesh and she wanted me to conduct the ceremony. What can you say to that but ... "yes please". So off I went to the Beldi Country Club via the Riad Palais Sebban for five of the most glorious days I have spent in a long time. Their wedding was wonderful, perfect ... all you can imagine and a bit more, and the five days in Marrakech just the best wedding present I have ever been given. Thank you.

Melanie & Jim, Parc del Laberint, Barcelona 19/5

Last minute changes meant that this happened on Saturday rather than Sunday and we missed the rain! You have to be light on your feet in May in Barcelona, anything could happen. Since this was just a family affair, Melanie, Jim, Ava, Ella and Fiona ... we could do that. It was glorious, their girls played a big part and even did a lovely reading for their parents. All together GOOD DAY!

Louise & Ed, Castell d'Emporda 26/5

What a joy ... as I tied their hands together in the handfasting ceremony the comments flew ... quietly between the three of us ... but we kept it together, the laughter had all but worn us out throughout the ceremony! This wedding illustrates for me the way that a couple can really alter a wedding and stamp their own personality on it through the mails that we share plus the meetings and online chats. Louise and Ed obviously have a lot of fun together and that shone through in what they had sent me and was therefore a big part of their ceremony. It was Ed's mother, who I met in Barcelona a few months ago, who commented as I left that she felt the balance between celebration and laughter and the more weighty part of the ceremony had been done perfectly. So all in all, job well done and much enjoyed, both by me and them!

Lauren & Tommy 27/5 Santa Oliva

Yet another lovely wedding and at the doors of storms throughout next week but that day held out for them. Unfortunately having to go off to another wedding just after, late start and the couple rushing off to do photos means I didn't get their wedding photo. Ah well, had lots of time to meet Tommy and Lauren was stunning! All good ...

Brittany & David 27/5 Masia Egara

Mas Egara is so beautiful that you have to do everything wrong not to have a great wedding and they didn't. Organised by "A Spanish Do" all was just about as good as it gets. The couple were surrounded by their friends and family, almost all of whom had travelled from the States to be there and there was no way this was not going to be classy and it was. Just one note, the brides shoes were beautiful, if she ever reads this she will know what I mean.

Holly & Daniel 2/6 Tossa de Mar

Holly and Dani married at the lighthouse in Tossa. It looked like rain but it never came, slightly overcast but pretty much perfect once again. Aaron, Holly's son and very much Dan's boy (Stoke City and Star Wars create bonds none of us can imagine), read and was great. All in all another great day though I must admit that walk up to the lighthouse is an interesting one, especially when the "heat is on". 

Nadine & Richard 4/6 La Garriga

30 minutes before we started it was pouring down but by the time Nadine came down the aisle all was great, so often seems to happen that way! The crowd was well up for forming part but all was good. Nadine had lots of input in to the ceremony so they were very much her words and they seemed thrilled with how everything came out!

Jennifer & Eric 9/6 Castell d'Empordà

This was the first of two weddings today and both bilingual Catalan/English. Here Eric married Jennifer ... and all was just perfect. After a week of bad weather the sun came out today and the breeze blew. A very international crowd for this couple who met while at school ... went their own separate ways and came back together ... it was a question of "had to be".

Sometimes this is the best you can do but I do promise you this is Eric and Jennifer!
Sometimes this is the best you can do but I do promise you this is Eric and Jennifer!

Gloria & Toby 9/6 Regencòs

Nº 2 bilingual ceremony today, Gloria half and half and Toby very much a Leeds man. They were both beautiful, he in immaculate morning suit and she ... perfect. There was a moment when, in the middle of the most perfect wood next to their venue: Mas Mauri, Regencòs, I thought that Gloria was going to feint but chairs were fetched and we made it! A great day and, as I said before, weather was perfect. the wood was even more special since the trees where used for cork and made the most perfect setting.

Once again ... the back view ... sorry but once again, promise that is them!
Once again ... the back view ... sorry but once again, promise that is them!

Cassandra & Luke 10/6 Duquesa de Cardona, Barcelona

Wow ... what a wedding. Just the three of us ... and photographer! It was a total joy. It rained just before but nothing was going to ruin this. We ended up having almost all of the terrace of the Duquesa de Cardona to ourselves (thanks to the rain) and I learned so much about the couple ... not least that elephants drink milk, but maybe that is another story. Altogether a joy ... what a great job I have!

This picture says it all!
This picture says it all!

Jennie & Gar 14/6 Castell d'Empordà

This is absolutely the very very first time I have ever called a bride "selfish" on her wedding day ... their guests were in tears! Fortunately I simply misread my script and changed selfless to selfish but managed to make up for it, just as well since her 11 year old daughter is a kick boxing/tai Kwan Do champion. I think everyone enjoyed it, warts and all! 

Julie & Victor 19/6 Barcelona

Summer is very much here to stay by the looks of it. This wedding was what can only be described as a total "gas".  It was actually a renewal. Victor and Julie have been together for 5 years and are already planning their 10 year renewal in Italy. They were well accompanied by their children and friends and mother and and and ... they all had some input and it was a joy, if somewhat improvised at times.

Gillian & Chris 23/6 Casa Felix, Olivella

What a great ceremony for a lovely couple and how they have worked. I have never seen the Casa Felix looking better and all was perfectly organised by Val and Mireia and Africa. It really was a joy. I thought long and hard about the photos but Gill looks so happy it had to be this one ... CONGRATULATIONS and a very happy birthday to Chris who did great!


Rachel & Xavier 29/6 La Baronia

Glorious, even though I insisted on calling Xavier (pronounced Javier) Xavier (pronounced Xavier) ... so those who speak Catalan and Spanish you will know what I mean. This was bi-linguial but we kept them interested and the ceremony was greatly appreciated. I had met with the couple 6 months ago or so in Manresa and then a couple of days ago at the venue,  loads of chats and whatsapps ... really felt I know them well when the day finally happened. 

Eva & James 30/6 Tossa de Mar

Another Saturday and another wedding ... wouldn't that be an awful thing to have to write ... and that wasn't the case. James and Eva married at the Lighthouse at Tossa de Mar. This is such a perfect setting and a great (not too high budget) venue. It has its drawbacks, basically getting to the lighthouse, the guests usually come on the little tourist train that goes up and down regularly but I always seem to end up walking. That means planning enough time to cool off which is no easy at this time of year. But was made it. Eva was glorious getting off the little train in white heart shaped sun glasses and even the publicans where they first met were there to celebrate with them. A great day!

Carla & Jesse 1/7 Castell d'Empordà

I get the feeling that right from the very start we hit it off, our meet in the Leia in Barcelona and all the chats and mails and then whatsapps ... all this communication just gets easier and easier and means that you can feel what the couple want. I think I judged this one well, they are a funny, out going couple, the vows were incredible and there were tears and laughs galore throughout.  

Marianna & Nick 6/7 Tarragona

What a place, Marianna and Nick had very much their own ceremony in L'Avellana, Mas d'en Cabre and it truly is a great place. It is well off the beaten track, down past Tarragona, but great for the after party and so much more. This is an example of a couple who very much wrote their own ceremony. As always I sent them their blueprint and my ideas but they had their idea of what they wanted and I believe that they got it! It was a pleasure though the trip was a long one and tomorrow off to Madrid!

Bea & Mike 7/7 Madrid

So ... to start with it is unusual to go all the way to Madrid for a wedding, even more so when you get out of the train at Atocha station and it is gay pride and the place is alive with music and fun. Then you are picked up by sister, brother in law and their 7 month old and driven 30 minutes outside town. You think you are going to a club or some such but no, this is the bride's parents place: Zanzibar! What a house and what a fabulous time we had. It was sooo hot but we managed (some better than others). As you can see in the picture the ceremony was on the steps leading to their pool and it was perfect. Mike and Bea were a joy and I had the bonus of re-meeting a fabulous couple I married a few years back: Juncal & Jordi (that is why I was there, Mike and Bea had been at their wedding here in Catalunya and I had other couples insisting that there would be more weddings coming from this one) who had one child still growing in Juncal and another left with the grandparents. A great day was definitely had by all! 

Marlies & EDWARD 14/7 Sant Pere de Ribes

This is the very first time I have got to a wedding with 5 minutes spare! Thank you google maps! But we made it and it was great, very very hot, I think that I can take the heat less and less as the years go by. Edward was great, stoic and all smiles, while Marlies was stunning and, as Edward described her: "bubbly and fun". Lots of positive feedback from all there so ... another great wedding!

Michelle & David 15/7 Castell d'Empordà

Michelle and David are not love's young dream, they are simply love's dream ... they make a great couple, Australia meets Llançà. I loved one of their readings called something like a "dinkum kind of love", ver Os, the other was lovely and heartfelt too not to mention friends who sang through the signing or simple Michelle and David, all good, no better than good!

Coming soon ...

Charlotte & Max 22/7 Almiral de la Font, Sitges

Vicky & Alan 27/7 Villa catalina, Stiges

Miriam & Michael 28/7 Castell d'Empordà