I am writing this on January 1st ...  about to start another year of just about the best job I could ever have imagined, sharing great times with very very happy people ... nothing for a couple of months so watch this space and in the meantime go to the "past years" tab above to have a look at what happened last year, or the year before or the one before that all the way back to 2013 ... maybe I should say Toby's Weddings Est. 2013!?

Vicki & Matt Villa Catalina 31/3

And we started!!!!! Vicki and Matt, a great couple who I have been chatting with for what seems like ages. Matt was beautifully nervous before the wedding but I helped him along and think he was well laid back by the time Vicki made it down the aisle. We laughed about her diet, not to mention one of Matt's best men too! Vicki was stoic though she did mention she was sinking in to the lawn every now and then. I can't imagine a better way to start the year ... congrats to you both!

Amina & Meshaal Convent de Blanes 2/4

I have never done a wedding quite like this one. It was just the couple and me. Having said that it was the couple, me, wedding planners (Bodas de Cuento), videographers, photographers, musicians (x3) and caterers (Juvant), all in the glorious setting of the Convent de Blanes. So you get the idea, intimate but with style! The couple were glorious, very happy and moved by the whole thing. The weather was perfect and the evening seemed set to be a memorable one. 

Sally & Andy Casa Felix 7/4

April, the start of spring and anything can happen. It looked like Andy and Sally's wedding was going to be washed out but they had plan B in action ... then we want back to plan A and it was perfect. They laughed and Andy wore a strange rainbow that nobody quite understood. A great crowd, lots of fun and a huge amount of enjoyment of the wine box ceremony! All in all pretty much perfect!